From coast to coast, we traveled with our family to bring you our beloved designs. Born from the ocean now thriving in the desert. We unplugged from life as we knew it in August of 2017 and hit the road pregnant with our toddler son in tote in search of adventure and growth. After months on the road, thousands of miles covered, the birth of our daughter, and miles hiked through our beautiful country’s varied terrain we have landed and settled in the magnificent southwest eager to plant our roots and establish a new life for our family and business. 


Each piece of jewelry is created by hand without the use of heat or chemicals. Inspired by our surroundings and our love for people, planet, and each other.  We craft each piece individually, allowing the  gemstone to dictate the design we create around it, accentuating the gemstone focal piece.  We use natural gemstones, fossils, crystals, and shells, recycled, nickel free sterling silver, solid, untreated copper, metal files, pliers, hammer and anvil, to craft each piece.