My dear friend’s getting married!

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My dear friend is getting married and I’m so ecstatic for her, but I’m thousands of miles away.  

How can I celebrate with her and share her excitement from afar?  I’ll offer to make her and her family’s wedding jewelry so I can sink some love and joy into them. 

She’s getting married in August at the stone house ruins in beautiful Black Point Narragansett, RI. She sent me a photo of her beautiful dress and requested neutral colors as she hasn’t decided what she was going to do for flowers.  

With this in mind I put a few gemstone collections together for her to choose from. Peach coral, white coral, Ammonite fossils, sea glass, shells were shown.  She chose Rose quartz earrings and a coordinating lavender sea glass bracelet for herself. Rose Quartz was a stone I had given her many years before to attract love and to remind her to love herself and the sea glass representing our beloved sea. For her daughter and soon to be step daughter she chose periwinkle shells that I collected at Black Point years ago , the place she’s getting married. A periwinkle necklace for each of the teenage girls.  For her husband and preteen son, Ammonite and copper jewelry. The Ammonite halves  were once a single archaic sea creature, cut down the middle, creating 2 mirrored halves.  You see her son hasn’t had a father figure in his life for years.  Joe is the first man to assume this special role, so this single Ammonite fossil cut in two, a half for each, symbolizes a new shared bond.  

Anyway, I just finished the collection.  Here it is.  I’m so excited to gift it to her and her family. 


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