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Holiday Discount Code“Tides” Get 15% Off Orders Over $100
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Coming back for a RI visit

We’re coming back this August to visit friends and family.  And of course we’re going to have a few jewelry shows.  I miss my peeps!

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  • miles on

    hi jimmy its miles for downtown baptist temple

  • miles on

    hey its miles u might know me just might from downtown baptist temple. but maybe not.

  • Pam Bairnsfather on

    I love your jewelry. I was looking at tiny homes on YouTube and saw your video. You guys are a really precious little family. I love what you are doing with your life. Your kids will have so much knowledge that other kids their age know nothing about. Although, it does require courage to take off in a home on wheels with a toddler and pregnant! Good for you! My husband and I had the same desire to travel when we were a young family (40 years ago) but let that big “WHAT IF” get in our way and we never saw our dream come true. Now, while you are young, is the time to go for it
    I really want to purchase a piece of your beautiful jewelry. I will continue to shop your site until I see that perfect piece that speaks to me. I love sterling silver and natural stones. My husband lost his wedding band and we need to find him a new one. He loves sterling also and very down to earth and understated. Do you have anything like that?
    Take care beautiful family. You guys need to make a new video with both the kids. God speed. Pam

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