a gift for strength

I had been following a friend on Facebook that tragically lost his wife to a rare, extremely painful condition.  this poor young woman struggled to get the help she needed and it ultimately ended up costing her life.  The condition was a cerebral spinal fluid leak, which threw off her intracranial pressure causing unrelenting, excrusiating  pain in any other position than lying down.  Her untimely passing has left her husband without a partner to bear the heartache and shock of a failed medical system.  My heart hurts for him and their families and well, i don't know how to express my condolences better than creating something special for Kevin in this very difficult time.  I found this Chrysanthemum stone in my collection and thought it was the perfect fit for lending some support.  


Chrysanthemum Stone:

Drifts gently through time, facilitating time travel. I t exudes calm confidence and enhances any environment with its gentle presence.  Radiating harmony, it synthesizes change with equilibrium and shows how the two can work together.  This stone helps you to enjoy being centered in the present moment and encourages the self to bloom.  It inspires, energizes, and brings endeavors to fruition.  It teaches us how to remain childlike, fun loving, and innocent while on the spiritual path, and provides an impetuosity to self development.  Strengthening character, it overcomes bigotry, ignorance, narrow-mindedness, self-righteousness, and jealousy, and encourages showing more love to the world, which in turn brings more love into your life.   Mentally, it counteracts superficiality.  It adds depth to thought and guards against distractions.  With Chrysanthemum Stone, the bigger picture can be [perceived.  Emotionally, it brings stability, and trust, eliminating resentment and animosity.  

I hope this can bring some comfort for him in this very difficult transition.  

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